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Leonard and Alyce Peterson

Lockewood Rancho is just the latest milestone on life's journey for owners, Leonard and Alyce Peterson. The term, "serial entrepreneur" applies to both.  The "rancho" is a beautiful vacation rental that sits on the east end of the ranch the Petersons loving named Lockewood. The "rancho" is the original ranch house built by Don and Adele Nesbitt in approximately 1968.  The Petersons restored and upgraded the ranch house to reflect the California ranchos of a bygone era and yet it has the modern comforts for today's living. 


Today, Lockewood is home to Lockewood Stables (horseboarding) and Lockewood Rancho.  

From the Start

The desire to create a "better horse experience" came to proprietors, Leonard and Alyce Peterson back in 2001.  Fulfilling a "bucket list" wish, the Petersons went to Wyoming to see how wild horses live and act in a natural environment.  Seeing horses running free across the Red Desert had a profound effect on the Petersons.  "Let horses be horses," lingered in their minds.  Two years later, they bought their first horse ranch in Cherry Valley, CA 92223, and called it, "Red Barn Ranch".  The very first horses were a mustang mare, Berdie, and her filly, Mimi.  Leonard grew up riding and working with horses.  But, Alyce started in her 40's.  Berdie and Mimi were Alyce's first horses.  So, the learning curve was steep, or as she puts it "Lucy learns about horses from two mustangs". 


Peterson Acquire the Box Dot Ranch

Fast forward to 2016, the Petersons were looking for a place for their horses.  While Leonard was looking at a nearby property, Alyce called him and said, "Stop by this property.  It might be the one."  A long road trip to Wyoming with a daughter and granddaughter in tow followed.  The conversation was all about the Box Dot Ranch.  Upon return, the Petersons bought the former Box Dot Ranch in Lockeford.  

Box Dot Ranch History

Locals may remember that the Box Dot Ranch marked its entry with a cutting horse sign.  The Box Dot Ranch was started by Don and Adele Nesbitt in the late 1960s and was known for its cutting horse showing and breeding programs.  Their mare, Bar Gal, was a champion cutting horse and one of the two founding mares to the breeding program.  Don's rodeo career included the title of World Champion All-Round Cowboy of 1932 and riding Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame saddle bronc, "Five Minutes to Midnight".  Adele Nesbitt met Don at the Western National Livestock Show in Denver, CO.   An accomplished equestrian competitor in her own right, Adele showed Tennesse Walking horses. 

What next?

Leonard and Alyce started renovations on the ranch in 2017.  The bones were all here. Lots of renovation ups and downs occurred.  New fencing, shade shelters, bathrooms, round pens, arenas, a trail course, and a trail-obstacle course were added over the next two years.  All the while, Alyce's word kept ringing in the couple's ears, "Stop by this property.  It might be the one." Followed by, "what were we thinking?" Just before Christmas in 2017,  the horses of the Red Barn Ranch made the road trip north to their new home at the newly named Lockewood Stables.  Ironically, half of the Peterson horses are Tennessee Walking horses (the breed Adele Nesbitt competed on when she met Don).  


Lockewood Rancho debuted in July, 2023 as a luxury vacation rental. And Lockewood Stables is a special place for horses and the people who love them.  The Petersons continue to renovate and improve Lockewood Stables.  Anyone who owns a ranch knows the work is never done! 

Lockewood Stables old oak trees

Serene Setting

Lockewood Stables provides a serene setting for horses and owners.

Long Weekend Getaway

A stay at the Rancho can refresh the mind, recharge the creativity and renew friendships.

Poolside at Lockewood Rancho
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