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Lockewood Ranch

Where It Started

Lockewood Ranch is home to Lockewood Stables (horse boarding) and Lockewood Rancho.  The property has a long history.  Formally known as the Box Dot Ranch, the property marked its entry with a cutting horse sign noticed by passersby on Elliott Road.  Locals tell the Petersons that the covered arena, built in the late 1960’s, was one of the first.  Started in 1960’s, the Box Dot Ranch, owned by Don and Adele Nesbitt was known for their cutting horse showing and breeding programs. 


Their mare, Bar Gal, was a champion cutting horse and one of two founding mares to the breeding program.  Don’s rodeo career included the title of World Champion All-Around Cowboy of 1932 and riding Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame saddle bronc, “Five Minutes to Midnight”.  Adele Nesbitt met Don at the Western National Livestock Show in Denver, CO.  An accomplished competitor in her own right, Adele showed Tennessee Walking horses and later the cutting horses.

Honoring its history and the land, the Petersons have lovingly restored and added to the property’s beauty.  The latest project is Lockewood Rancho.  This was the original ranch house built by the Nesbitts for the Box Dot Ranch.  Inspired by the Spanish ranchs that dotted California in the early days, the Rancho has a wide portico to provide shade in the summer and shelter from the winter rains. 

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